How to change your car tire

change your car tire

How to change your car tire, is very important technique for everyone to learn, it’s not a difficult task. It requires only a bit of work and tools that are already in your car. The most important thing for changing of tire is to find a safe place for work. The car should be parked […]

How to Fix Broken Window Glass of Wooden frame

Broken Window Glass

Broken window is security hazard and also allows weather to come into your home. It’s an easy work to fix the broken window. Here are the steps while follow these you may able to fix the window. Firstly you determine that what kind of door or window of your home has along with the building […]

Puncture Repairs


Without replacement of tire, all puncture tires can be repaired safely and cheaply. And this is only possible if you will provide chance of repairing to your puncture tire. To drive flat tire make it un-repairable and may damage it. So whenever you feel that your tire is flat then repairs the puncture or fit […]

TV Repairing at Home

TV Repairing at Home

In this modern era TV/LCD has become need of every person. Now It is available at every home almost. Although TV provides lots of information and entertainment shows. Sometimes electric appliance get issues and in this article we will try to explain TV repairing at home. We should try to solve these issues at home […]

Computer Repairing At Home

Computer repairing at home

Sometimes computer develops faults before calling some professional of computer at home you can also do some work at home to run your computer successfully. These technique is not damage your computer. Following are the steps while follow it and start your computer repairing at home. If Your Computer Starts Up Sometime computer is start […]

High Heel Shoes Repair


In this era many women like heel shoes and prefer to wear it in order to look graceful. Those royal women who wear the heel shoes face problem is the heel of shoes has wear down because some find it difficult to repair it. Instead of leaving those worn down heels its better way to […]

Shoe Sole Repair

shoes repair

My best hobby is repair different things myself. I don’t waist things as others, i always try to use waist in different ways. Its help me to spent time on right way and my things get ready for reuse, it’s also help me to save money. Today i repair my shoes and now also sharing […]

Stereo Repair

Stereo Repair

If polarities are crossed, it won’t cause the stereo to shut down, but can have an effect on the sound quality. To expose the ports where the stereo and speaker’s wiring connects, unscrew the paneling at the back of your speaker housing. Each speaker should have one positive wire port, which is marked with a […]