High Heel Shoes Repair


In this era many women like heel shoes and prefer to wear it in order to look graceful. Those royal women who wear the heel shoes face problem is the heel of shoes has wear down because some find it difficult to repair it. Instead of leaving those worn down heels its better way to […]

Shoe Sole Repair

shoes repair

My best hobby is repair different things myself. I don’t waist things as others, i always try to use waist in different ways. Its help me to spent time on right way and my things get ready for reuse, it’s also help me to save money. Today i repair my shoes and now also sharing […]

How To Repair a Broken iPad Screen

How to repair a broken iPad screen

Having an accident with an iPad and breaking the screen does not necessarily need to mean it should be replaced. With the right guidance repairing an iPad screen can actually be relatively cheap and easy. There are some tools things that will be necessary for the screen repair process. The iSesamo Tool This is a […]