Puncture Repairs

Without replacement of tire, all puncture tires can be repaired safely and cheaply. And this is only possible if you will provide chance of repairing to your puncture tire. To drive flat tire make it un-repairable and may damage it. So whenever you feel that your tire is flat then repairs the puncture or fit the new tire.
Don’t worry if your car get punctured here are some steps while follow it you become able to fix a flat car tire.

  • Firstly you need the tools for repairing the tire. Tools must be the following:
    *Car jack
    *Lug wrench or socket
    *Knife or knips
    *Patch kit
  • Take the wheel off, jacked it up and removed the wheel. After that you are require a pair of pliers to pull the nail out.
  • With the reaming tool, ream the hole a few times. You can make the hole to big for the plug to fit in. don’t get crazy with the reamer.
  • After doing above steps now insert the plug into the plug tool so plug is centered. With the help of rubber cement cover the plug and tip of tool.
  • In this step insert the plug in the hole all the way.
  • Pull the plug tool out remaining plug cut off. Let it to dry and pump the tire back up.
  • That’s all, you see that with some efforts you may become able to repair your car tire and save your cost of repairing.