Tail Light Repair

Is your car tail light cracked? The first solution that would come into your mind to resolve this problem may be to replace car tail light. Is it so? Here I will tell you techniques for repairing cracked tail light of your car by yourself instead of replacing it or taking it to mechanic. Repairing tail light is relatively easy and quick depending on repairing method you use. You can repair small cracks and chips in car tail lights but significant damages will only be fixed by replacing tail light. Tail lights can get damaged by variety of things but small chips and cracks are usually caused by rocks or debris being kicked up from the road. There are different tail light repair kits available in market. Follow the tips shared below to repair cracked tail lights of your car:

  • Start repairing car tail light repairing by eradicating the piece you need to repair from your car. Open tail light repair kit and remove plastic film inside it. Attach this film inside the plastic tail light over the hole, crack or damage. Remember that the film provided in tail light repair kit will work only on smooth surface. If you see interior of light is rough or bumpy, you are recommended to use a clear cellophane tape.
  • Most commonly repair kits contain a material to mix in for repairing of damages either holes, cracks or chips. Like an epoxy, you will be required two different ingredients in order to activate the chemical process between them. Once you combine these materials, you will have to use that material in certain limited time otherwise it will become worthless. You will be provided with complete set of instructions for use of these materials within the tail light repair kit.
  • Make sure to apply the compound with syringe provided with tail repairing kit you have. Be very careful while applying this compound to make sure that the mixture doesn’t overflow beyond the area to be repaired. You will need to apply only few drops of compound to repair small cracks.
  • Let the applied material dry. After getting dry the repaired part of tail light will appear darker than rest of glass. Don’t worry it will get lighter as it will dry. After the compound gets completely dry re-install the tail light.

Following the tips mentioned above carefully, you will end up with repaired cracked tail light.