Door Lock Repair

Door locks have several parts working together. Any part in complex lock system can go wrong and make the lock balky. If you call a repairer to check your home door lock, he will charge his fee and suggest you to have lock replaced therefore you are suggested to learn repair home using locks yourself….

Lock Cylinder Turns When You Insert Key

This problem incurs when screws holding the lock cylinder in place becomes loose or breaks. Remove the faceplate at the edge of door and locate one or two cylinder set screws. Make sure that these screws are in line to center of cylinder. Tighten the screws by turning them clockwise and replace the faceplate. Remove…

Key Doesn’t Enter in Lock

Sometimes lock gets frozen when weather is cold. If lock is icy, you can fix this trouble by warming up the key and try to open the lock. Make sure to wear gloves and insert the key steadily in keyhole. Keep on heating the key and popping it in keyhole until whole ice is dissolved….

Key Doesn’t Work

If key is not working then we will analysis why key is not working. There are few steps to check why key not working with lock. Key Not Goes in Lock Hole: First of all we will check key going in lock hole or not? If not, then first conform it you are using a…