Computer Repairing At Home

Sometimes computer develops faults before calling some professional of computer at home you can also do some work at home to run your computer successfully. These technique is not damage your computer.
Following are the steps while follow it and start your computer repairing at home.

If Your Computer Starts Up

Sometime computer is start normally but it has some problem like screen freezing or running slowly. These problems can be recovered by following steps:

  1. This is the easiest method to overcome this issue if your computer screen is freeze then restart your computer. If not restart then turn of the computer and on it again.
  2. If computer runs slowly then it’s an issue in order to save your important file you should back up these files.
  3. If things are not working in proper sequencing as you want then run any security software update.
  4. If you down load some programs from the internet or install from any software program which makes computer speed slow then you should uninstall these programs. Uninstall it carefully when you uninstall programs check for the improvements.
  5. If two version programs are running in PC then problems arise. If multiple version of same program is installing then try to uninstall it.
  6. To secure our computer from threat we install antivirus programs always try to install only one program of antivirus. If two programs install make sure that only one is active.
  7. For the reliability and better performance of your computer update your computer window. You can install in computer window updating programs.
  8. You will need original window operating system disc. Put disc in dick drive and restart your computer. When computer turns on, you will see an on screen menu with number of options. You select on the repair option.

If Computer won’t start up

  1. If computer not start you also be able to fix the problem yourself with the help of following:
  2. If you have got desktop computer, you may have computer cable problems, you should check your cable first.
  3. If you are running a laptop then check the battery of your laptop either charged or not.
  4. Always try to start the computer in a safe mode.

These all are the steps which you may follow and capable of removing such faults at home without paying expense or fee to professional person or worker.