Ceiling Fan Installation

Now a day’s ceiling fans are very popular, peoples like to use ceiling fans instant of air conditioner and save their electric bill’s.

Ceiling fans popularity is continuously growing, propels like to use in their home or offices to save their bills.
We can use ceiling fans in almost every weather, but very helpful in summer and winter weathers. In the summer weather ceiling fan air create cooling breezes and reduce strain on air conditioners. and in the heating weather ceiling fans circulate heated air to keep the room warm.

Ceiling fan installation is very easy and you can save money to installing yourself.
There are just few steps, that you need to follow for ceiling fan installation. But before starting you need to get your tool kit and few installation parts.

Installation Tools:

1. Step Ladder
2. Measuring Tape
3. Wire Cutter
4. Pliers
5. Screwdriver
6. drill machine

Installation Materials:

1. Ceiling Fan
2. Wire Connectors
3. Electrical Tape
4. Ceiling Fan Mounting Hardware

Ceiling Fan Installation:

First step is take off your electric main switch for safety.
Now adjust your step ladder carefully right below the center of your room or where you want to install your ceiling fan.

If there is a light in the ceiling and you want to replace light with ceiling fan, then you can save a lot of time and work, and you also can use light switch and wiring for fan. You can read complete instruction on this article: Replace Ceiling Light With Ceiling Fan

Here we are for new ceiling fan installation, so we will start from step one. take your Measuring Tape and determine the center of your room, if you don’t know how to use Measuring Tape then read our article: How to Use Measuring Tape.

Make a Hole in Roof Ceiling:

after determine the center of your room and mark a circle around 3 to 4 inches with marker, and then take your drill machine with 3 to 4 inch hole saw and start drilling holes in ceiling. if you don’t have hole saw, then you need to drill holes with any bit one by one around 3 to 4 inches circle and then take masonry nail and hammer to cut out. after this your need to clean up that circle with rasp. This is a bit hard and time taking work, so my advice is you arrange hole saw or forstner bit for ceiling hole.

Installing the Bracket for Ceiling Fan:

Now you need to install a bracket for ceiling fan, For this you need to put bracket on roof and mark screw points with marker and start drilling to make holes for bracket. Then screw fan bracket on roof and right with screwdriver. This is the main key step in the fan installation, so be careful everything go right.

Cable Wiring For Ceiling Fan:

Now time to cable wiring for your ceiling fan, if you don’t know how to cable wiring installation, then read our article: How to Cable Wiring Installation

Start Fan Installation:

before hang your ceiling fan with bracket you need to fit fan parts together on the floor. Screw fan bleeds with fan motor body and fit fan pipe with motor body. Remember, every screw tight very carefully and double check all screws.

Now time to hang your ceiling fan with ceiling fan bracket. you can find guide on brochure. after hanging fan joint your electric wiring with fan, before joint check your switch once again and make sure its turn off. and then start cable joint with fan and use electric tape to cover joints.

Now your fan is ready to test its first drive 🙂