TV Repairing at Home

In this modern era TV/LCD has become need of every person. Now It is available at every home almost. Although TV provides lots of information and entertainment shows.
Sometimes electric appliance get issues and in this article we will try to explain TV repairing at home.
We should try to solve these issues at home instead of going to market and to call service persons at home.
Here are some techniques through which we find solution of our problems at home.

If your TV won’t turn on at all:

In case if TV not turns on then do following steps first at home:

  • Firstly make sure that power cord is connected at the back of main unit or not if it is properly connected then check either the power cord cut or frayed or not.
  • The power cord connection at the back of unit must be follow to the outlet and outlet is checked carefully that it plugging in another device and has contain power or work properly.
  • After follow the above mention instruction if TV is not turn on then call the service provider persons or company agent.

If your TV turns on but there’s no picture:

Some time TV turns on but picture is not visible on the screen. For this problem do following steps:

  • First step is to ensure that all the components like cable box, Blue ray player, DVD player etc are fully and correctly plug in the inputs.
  • Check all the inputs of TV which control the TV function to see whether inputs contain any issue or not .Each and every single input must be checked carefully.
  • If the issue is with any single input like the cable or satellite box and not the TV itself then contact with your provider prior to initiating and a call to repair service.

If TV turns on but no Sound

Sometimes TV has no sound it works without sound for this issue solves the followings ways:

  • Check the plugged in peripherals that may cause lack of sound sometimes.
  • The TV audio settings is checked properly.
  • Ensure that mute button is not on and sound volume on the cable box is up.
  • Check and make sure all the connection and cords.