How to Fix Broken Window Glass of Wooden frame

Broken window is security hazard and also allows weather to come into your home. It’s an easy work to fix the broken window.
Here are the steps while follow these you may able to fix the window.

  • Firstly you determine that what kind of door or window of your home has along with the building of area. Pane glass in recommended for no stormy area while tempered glass is used for the stormy area.
  • If possible for you then remove the window from the casing. If the window or the door is laying flat on work surface and is clamped down then removing glass is very easy. Caulked side of window facing up. You can also replace the glass in place; you should have a solid footing and at eye level with the upper third of pane.
  • Remove the broken glass and for the safety purpose wear the protective gloves. Put it in sturdy paper bag or in the car board box. Tape the box when all the glass is out of frame. Use a vacuum to clean up any small shards.
  • With the help of putty knife remove remaining old caulk… to get it completely loose, you may heat it with the heat gun. To clean the surface you may use a metal brush.
  • In this step measure the length and width of opening for the window carefully. Make paper template if the window is not square or rectangular. You must remember that you are measuring the glass lays not the visual opening.
  • The replacement glass should fit on the shelf from top to bottom and from side to side. But to allow for expansion and contraction, have the glass cut up to 1/8″ (.31 cm) smaller on the top and one side.
  • Now insert the glass into the frame. Start work towards the top and guide the whole pane slowly on the “shelves”. Carefully lay the glass flat when you are just about there, then guide it as you slide it into the groove at the top of the window. You may need to use one hand on top of the glass, the other on the bottom.
  • Find old glazier points spots and put in new ones.
  • After that prepares the compound of glazing. Open the compound cane and put a lump about half the size of a tennis ball into your left hand (right if you’re left handed).work it until it’s soft and warm. Depending into the size of window you may have to replenish the supply of your hand more than one.
  • At any point of shelf are scoop off a section of putty from your hand by using the flat edge of the glaziers tool or putty knife. The width of your putty should not greater than the width of your shelf. Make sure the putty does not show from the other side of the window. When sides are covered then stop to spreading the smoothing.
  • This step is tricky. Remember that water will slide down the window and the caulking will guide the water away from the glass. You want the corners to be mitered, but smoothly mitered. Use the angled end of the glazier’s tool.
  • Before cleaning up any spillage on the glass just allow it to cure at least a day when you have finished caulking the window. You should wait a week or more until putty cure hold the paint.

These are all step while follow it you may able to fix broken window at home. And save yourself five times the cost of having glass replaced by a professional.