Maintenance of Pocket Door Rollers

Pocket doors are sliding doors that disappear into a compartment in the adjacent room when fully open. This type of door is used for architectural effect, or when the area has no space to allow for the swing of a normal door. They are usually installed on rollers from tracks above or below them.

Replacing pocket doors

A problem with pocket doors is that replacing them can be a cause of many headaches. The trouble lies in finding the kind of pocket door rollers that match the ones you have. That might prove nearly impossible, because chances are they might not be available anymore.

Pocket doors need to be matched by their frame to the track of the pocket door rollers. Part of the track is hidden inside the wall, so replacing the track could become a huge and costly matter. If it is something you want to do, try looking online for rollers. On the internet many roller sets can be located easily. Having the manufacturer name can be a big help in narrowing the search.

Installing Pocket Door Rollers

At the end of the track the pocket door rollers tip into the relief area. Depending on the available configuration, start by putting one or two wheels into track. Move the pocket door roller into the track until the other wheel or wheels move into the track as well. Then slide the roller to the location of the bracket of the back door hanger. Do this process again with the second roller. Ensure that the retention clips are released for both hangers. Keep checking with your instructions when doing this, to make sure everything is done correctly. Then, either slide or push the door up onto the hanger. At this point it should slide back and forth.

Repairing pocket doors

To repair pocket doors is considered the easiest option.

The lubrication of pocket door rollers is for maintenance purposes and to repair them. Because the rollers have to carry the weight of the door and are a moving part, they do start to bind over time. This can cause them to squeak or make noises.

To lubricate the rollers on a pocket door takes only a few moments. This maintenance can prevent the replacement of rollers in the future.

It is important to remember that the rollers must match the installed track of the pocket door frame. These are most often not interchangeable.

How to Remove pocket door rollers

Without taking the door off it is impossible to remove pocket door rollers. To do this the door will have to be released from the hangers. When the door is out of the way, removing the rollers will be easy. First roll the first one to the end, then allow the wheels to drop through the opening at the tracks end. Then you should tilt the roller assembly downwards, and let it move forward until the second set of wheels will drop down through. For the second roller assembly simply do this again. Once this is done, you can start searching for a matching set.