Repair Garage Door Opener Remote Control

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If your garage door remote control stops working, you don’t need to call a professional as you can repair common problems of garage door remote control yourself by following the garage door repairing tips. Most common repairing measures include replacing the battery or reprogramming the garage door remote control. These tasks will make your remote functioning again and are simple to perform. Here is detail of these two tasks to be performed:

Replacing Battery of Remote Control of Garage Door

  • Open the battery section on the back of garage door remote. You can merely slide off the battery section positioned on the back of remote.
  • Eradicate the old battery. You can use Nine volt batteries, commonly used in garage door remote controls. Tenderly drag the battery apart from the connector to eradicate battery.
  • Slot in a new Nine volt battery making sure to snap it onto the connector in the suitable positions.
  • Slide the battery compartment cover back on until click sound comes out of it.

Reprogramming the Remote Control of Garage Door

  • Open the battery partition on your garage door remote. You can merely slide off the battery partition positioned on the back of remote.
  • Note the binary rocker switches or the trinary switches in the battery section. You will see two sides on binary rocker switch. You have to make sure that one side is “Open” or “Off” and the other side is “Close” or “On”.
  • If your remote has a trinary switch then it must have a”+” on top, “0″ in middle and “-” on the bottom.
  • Slide the battery compartment cover back until you hear click sound from its back.
  • You can use a stool or ladder to reach the garage door opener on ceiling of your garage.
  • Press the “Learn” button on the motor head of the unit. When that button is depressed, press the button on your garage door remote control. It will set the transmitters of the remote control so that they begin operating the door opener.
  • If the remote control of garage door has a line of small buttons inside, make sure the position of buttons is same as that of position of buttons on the back of garage door opener.
  • You need to follow instructions provided with a manual from manufacturer. You can also check the manufacturer’s website to get instructions.

If the tips mentioned above fail to resolve your problem, you will need to replace your remote control. You will have to check model number and frequency on the back of remote control. You will identify frequency of remote control by numbers followed by letters “Mhz”. Standard choice of frequencies of garage remote controls is between 280 and 433. ┬áMake sure that the new remote control is of equivalent frequency. If new remote also doesn’t work appropriately, you need to consult your licensed garage door service company.

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