High Heel Shoes Repair

In this era many women like heel shoes and prefer to wear it in order to look graceful. Those royal women who wear the heel shoes face problem is the heel of shoes has wear down because some find it difficult to repair it. Instead of leaving those worn down heels its better way to repair it at home.
For the repairing of heels you need little plastic part on the bottom of the stiletto. This little piece of plastic helps to cushion the metal spike. They are easy to replace,

Here are some steps that tell you, how you can repair High heel shoes Repair at home:

Find the Right Size Tip

To find right size tip a difficult and tricky act but many websites works it step by step. These not only sell new heels but also guide or tells you, how you can repair High heel shoes Repair at home by using type sheet. In order for your satisfaction that either you buy right ones heel or not you download and print to measure your heel tips.

Buy New Tips

If you have repair more than one pair of heels then buy it as heels set because it will save your time and the money. There is lot of way to buy the heel set it may be buy from your near store of shoe if any and also buy from the online stores like EBay.

Repair the Tip

When you buy the set of new heels you then need a pair of pliers which helps you to remove the old heel tip from the shoe. when you succeed to tip out old heel tip then take the new tips and slide the pin into the cleared hole you just do now. For the purpose of place the new tip into the shoe you need a hammer which push tip into the place. After it make sure that they are all the in the well way. With a few struggle you have done all.

This is the way through which you can repair your shoe heel at home and fixed new heel of shoe.