Shoe Sole Repair

My best hobby is repair different things myself. I don’t waist things as others, i always try to use waist in different ways. Its help me to spent time on right way and my things get ready for reuse, it’s also help me to save money.
Today i repair my shoes and now also sharing my shoes repair tips with my visitors. Here are few easy DIY methods to repair shoes yourself. Today i will share how we can repair sole. mostly shoes sole start to come off or tear started on the shoe fabric. Other things are Shoe Cracks, Rips, Holes, Tears in the Shoes.
We will start from sole repair or reattach shoe sole.

  1. If sole comes off more than 3 inch, then best way is remove sole completely.
  2. First you need to clean and dry shoe and sole very clearly.
  3. Now apply the shoe glue to both shoe bottom and sole very finely. after glue give 1 to 3 minutes to dry glue a bit.
  4. After glue line up sole with shoe bottom evenly and have them make contact with one another.
  5. Now you need to clean the glue coming from between shoe and sole.
  6. Now you need to press shoe and sole with heavy objet to make pressure on shoe and sole to make a tight bond.
  7. Now you need to wait up to 24 hours for glue cure.

always try to use white crystal clear glue, its work on every color. But you also can use same shoe color glue too.
If your sole have hole and break it, then you can buy a new sole. but careful about shoe size, you need to buy shoe sole with same shoe size.
Mostly shoes and soles have numbers in bottom of sole.